rabbi carla

As I write, I am almost at the end of my second year of service to Beth Israel of Sun City Center. And I must say, these two years have been richly rewarding! As I hoped in choosing to come here, the members have been very receptive to the various educational programs I have offered, attendance at services is consistently large, and the membership of the congregation has grown substantially.

In addition, a group of 17 of us travelled to Israel in the fall of 2014 (and had a terrific experience), and we are planning another, quite different trip for the spring of 2016. Thirteen women were called to the Torah to read from it as Bnot Torah over the Shabbat/Shavuot weekend of 2015. We have enjoyed literary, musical and spiritually uplifting visits from a few of my friends over these past two years. Through classes of Hebrew instruction for beginners and continuing students, we have increased the number of congregants comfortable with Hebrew in services. We have added music to our services, and together, infused them with joy.

The building was redecorated and the landscaping was upgraded, so that the whole facility exudes the pride and enthusiasm we share in our Jewish life in the Sunshine State.

I look forward to offering more educational opportunities, teaching more Hebrew classes, and facilitating the cultural and spiritual evolution of our community.   This is an exciting time to be at Beth Israel, and I’m delighted to be a part of it


Rabbi Carla