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Beginning Hebrew …for those who may never have learned Hebrew before, or for those who have forgotten most of what they learned at some earlier time. The goal is to be able to follow comfortably in the prayer book and also in the Torah reading handout. There is no text book; students are expected to do some homework independently to bring their skills up to the desired level, and are encouraged to use a website that supports this task.

Class will start on October 9th pm Tuesday’s from 3:00-4:30.

Study Shabbat …this class will examine the ideas associated with Shabbat, and then will take a close look at the prayers we do regularly at Shabbat services.

Bnai Torah…for those who would like to lay claim to their Jewish heritage, whether they have read from the Torah before or not. The class will cover some aspects of Jewish history, Jewish religious thought, Jewish practice, and Jewish living. Students will be expected (as a class) to lead a worship service during which each one will read from the Torah scroll. Therefore, Hebrew reading proficiency is required, and may be acquired by taking the appropriate Hebrew class (see “current classes”). This class will meet weekly for about a year before the class service is held.

Watch emails and listen for Bimah announcements for the scheduling of this class. To join this class, please speak to the rabbi.