Men’s Club

The Men’s Club of Beth Israel

The Men’s Club is an arm of Beth Israel. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen Jewish consciousness by cultivating social interaction, encouraging social services, offering religious education, supporting activities that benefit the Congregation and promoting closer fellowship among its members. We welcome Jewish men in the congregation and community at large.

Men’s Club men support the Beth Israel congregation and each other with a variety of spiritual, educational, and social activities:

     * Scheduled monthly meetings and events (Click here for Calendar)

     * Sponsorship of an annual Men’s Club Shabbat service

     * Contributions to Beth Israel operational expenses

     * Hands-on help and funds to augment special temple projects


Annual dues are $18 (Chai).




Jeff Beller, President

Gil Daniels, Executive VP

Ralph Shaw, VP Membership

Steve Blesofsky, VP Programming

Marty Beverly, VP At-Large

Paul Grossman, Secretary

Rich Hoffing, Treasurer



Current News

April 2019

Our Day at the Races on March 6th saw 29 congregants and guests attending and some horses, mine included, probably still running. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m most certainly not qualified to be a racetrack tout! Still, all who attended had a great time and also enjoyed the wonderful buffet that was included with our package. Thanks to Executive Vice-President Gil Daniels for arranging this outing.

Our March 13th Membership Meeting featured Mike Sherman, Deputy Editor of Sports for the Tampa Bay Times. The meeting was well-attended and Mike was an excellent speaker who had a great sense of humor. Lunch consisted of pizza & caesar salad from East Coast Pizza.

Our March Board Meeting was held just prior to the Membership Meeting and, among other things, we discussed plans for our April Bagels & Discovery and May Membership Meetings.

The April 14th Bagels & Discovery will feature Jacob Becker, a Crime Scene Investigator for Pasco County. His profession, skills, and insight should make for a fascinating program.

Details of our May Membership Meeting are still being worked out but, in the meantime, we’re happy to announce that plans are in the works for an outing to Tropicana Field in July for a Rays-Bosox game.

As I write this column, although quite early to do so, I’d like to wish everyone a zeisen pesach



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