Men’s Club

The Men’s Club of Beth Israel

The Men’s Club is an arm of Beth Israel. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen Jewish consciousness by cultivating social interaction, encouraging social services, offering religious education, supporting activities that benefit the Congregation and promoting closer fellowship among its members. We welcome Jewish men in the congregation and community at large.

Men’s Club men support the Beth Israel congregation and each other with a variety of spiritual, educational, and social activities:

     * Scheduled monthly meetings and events (Click here for Calendar)

     * Sponsorship of an annual Men’s Club Shabbat service

     * Contributions to Beth Israel operational expenses

     * Hands-on help and funds to augment special temple projects


Annual dues are $18 (Chai).




Jeff Beller, President

Gil Daniels, Executive VP

Ralph Shaw, VP Membership

Steve Blesofsky, VP Programming

Marty Beverly, VP At-Large

Paul Grossman, Secretary

Rich Hoffing, Treasurer



Current News

February 2019

Our January 23rd Membership Meeting brought to Beth Israel Mr. George Pappas, the Rays’ Assistant, International & Minor League Operations. Mr. Pappas spoke about his personal background and filled us in as to what was happening in the Rays’ minor league organization. He also explained a little bit about some of the ways the Rays evaluated minor league & international players. Lunch consisted of fried chicken and baked cod expertly catered by our friend Sharon Privitera. Overall, a fantastic afternoon!!
Our annual free Ameriprise Financial luncheon and workshop took place on January 30th and, for the first time, was held in our own social hall. Food for this  presentation was catered by Jo-El Kosher Deli in St. Petersburg. We were grateful to be able to listen to what the financial experts had to say about these volatile times and also to get the chance to ask them specific questions.  We’re proud to report that a record crowd was in attendance for this event!
Our February Membership Meeting will be on the 13th with speakers from the Hyperbaric Centers of Southwest Florida in Sarasota. This will be a very interesting overview of hyberbarics with much for us to learn. More details will follow.
Following this we’ll see the return of Dr. Susan McManus to our Bagels & Discovery program on February 24th. A perennial favorite of Beth Israel, Dr. McManus will cover a broad range of topics and, as always, we can expect a sold-out event.



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