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The Men’s Club of Beth Israel

The Men’s Club is an arm of Beth Israel. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen Jewish consciousness by cultivating social interaction, encouraging social services, offering religious education, supp

Sorting activities that benefit the Congregation and promoting closer fellowship among its members. We welcome Jewish men in the congregation and community at large.

Men’s Club men support the Beth Israel congregation and each other with a variety of spiritual, educational, and social activities:

     * Scheduled monthly meetings and events (Click here for Calendar)

     * Sponsorship of an annual Men’s Club Shabbat service

     * Contributions to Beth Israel operational expenses

     * Hands-on help and funds to augment special temple projects


Annual dues are $18 (Chai).




Stephen Tabin, President

Jeff Beller, Executive VP

Ed Blecher, VP Membership

Steve Blesofsky, VP Programming

Steve Morris, VP At-Large

Paul Grossman, Secretary

Rich Hoffing, Treasurer

June-July 2022 

Greetings to members of the Men’s Club, our Sisterhood, and all of the members of our Beth Israel family.

This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 19th. I believe that we should honor fathers and grandfathers not just on one day, but throughout the year. We all have some great memories of our fathers. My memories of my father have faded throughout the years. My father worked the late shift for the US Post Office at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia (3 pm to midnight five days a week) when I was going to elementary school. It seemed that I hardly ever saw him. And then he died at the age of 47 of recurring heart attacks when I was 13. But I still have really good memories of my father. One memory that stands out in my mind was sitting next to my father on our couch, listening to our transistor radio together, in December of 1960 as our Philadelphia Eagles won the NFL Championship. I also remember my dad yelling at Phillies Hall of Famer Robin Roberts and calling him a “bum” when he was unable to pitch as well as he could, now in his older years. I became a life-long fan of my Phillies and Eagles thanks to my father. I believe that I have passed that passion on to my son, Jeremy, also. I am sure you have many great memories of your father as well. Happy Father’s Day to you all!

Baseball is in full swing. Speaking of baseball, the Men’s Club has two group outings planned for the summer. In the first week of June, we will invite you and a guest via email to attend one or both of the following Tampa Bay Rays’ games:

  1. Afternoon matinee vs. Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, August 3rd
  2. Afternoon matinee vs. Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday, August 25th .

We have reasonable prices and a great seating location at Tropicana Field. Driving and parking will be on your own, so you might want to carpool. Tickets will be paperless, so you will need to add the (free) MLB Ballpark App and follow the directions to place it on your phone. More details will be sent to all Men’s Club members in early June. Save the dates! Ask your fellow Men’s Club members if they want to join you.

Hope to see you at the ballpark!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,



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