Men’s Club

The Men’s Club of Beth Israel

The Men’s Club is an arm of Beth Israel. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen Jewish consciousness by cultivating social interaction, encouraging social services, offering religious education, supp

Sorting activities that benefit the Congregation and promoting closer fellowship among its members. We welcome Jewish men in the congregation and community at large.

Men’s Club men support the Beth Israel congregation and each other with a variety of spiritual, educational, and social activities:

     * Scheduled monthly meetings and events (Click here for Calendar)

     * Sponsorship of an annual Men’s Club Shabbat service

     * Contributions to Beth Israel operational expenses

     * Hands-on help and funds to augment special temple projects


Annual dues are $18 (Chai).




Jeff Beller, President

Stephen Tabin, Executive VP

Ed Blecher, VP Membership

Steve Blesofsky, VP Programming

Steve Morris, VP At-Large

Paul Grossman, Secretary

Rich Hoffing, Treasurer


Jeff Beller, Men’s Club President                 

September 2021

Last year was a difficult yet rewarding year for the Men’s Club, and we’re grateful to have been able to provide the entire congregation with many exciting Zoom programs on a variety of interesting subjects. We’d like to thank our Programing VP Steve Blesofsky who did a great job in making the arrangements for these programs.

We expect to resume programming in the fall either virtually, or, as the Temple re-opens, in person. We look forward to resuming our Membership Meetings and Bagels & Discovery programs as soon as conditions permit. Along those lines, a tentative Calendar of Events has been sent out to our membership. Look for further details as soon as they’re available.
Once again, it’s time to renew our membership. Applications and Annual Dues Notices have been sent out to all current and potential members, and we encourage everyone to return their applications ASAP to Ed Blecher, our Membership VP, along with an $18 check payable to the Beth Israel Men’s Club.
As the High Holy Days approach, we wish all of our members and members of our congregation a Happy and Healthy New Year and an easy fast for those who do.
L’shana Tova to all!
In the meantime, be well, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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