Current Classes

Continuing Hebrew...for those who have learned to read Hebrew, and want to continue polishing their skills. This class reads the section of the weekly Torah portion that will be read from the scroll on the coming Friday evening, with emphasis on appreciating some of the richness of the Hebrew text.
To join this class, please speak with the rabbi.

Beginners’ Hebrew....for those who may never have learned Hebrew before, or for those who have forgotten most of what they learned at some earlier time. The goal is to be able to follow comfortably in the prayerbook and also in the Torah reading handout. There is no text book; students are expected to do some homework independently to bring their skills up to the desired level, and are encouraged to use a website that supports this task.

Biblical Hebrew Grammar for those interested in understanding the Hebrew of the Torah. We use a text book for exercises and review purposes, and apply the knowledge gained to the reading of liturgy in our prayerbook. This class depends upon students doing some homework weekly to master the concepts taught in the class.
To join this class, please speak with the rabbi.

Who Wrote the Bible? ...uses the book by the same name, by Richard Elliott Friedman, to examine the evidence from the Torah which suggests that multiple authors, living at various times and in various places, each with his/her own agenda, wrote parts of the Torah. This class challenges the conventional thinking that the Torah is a divinely revealed unified whole, though students are not required to accept either theory of the provenance of the Torah. Because of the complexity of the material, this class is now closed to new students.